Sidechain & ducker

Essentially, “ducker” in Auxy is practically the equivalent of side-chain within computerized DAW’s. Such as, FL studio or Logic pro. Correct?


Indeed. It’s just localized so that drum kit samples are the initial instead of being able to assign to any channel like regular side-chain


Yes, it’s basically the same, however unlike true sidechaining, ducker does not use the actual audio sample to modulate the ‘ducking’ effect. ‘True’ sidechaining uses the sample as a modulator, meaning that short samples would cause a short and quick duck while longer samples would have a long and sustained duck. It’s bit more complex than that, but I think you get the idea. Ducker is just a very simplified effect that simulates a traditional sidechain effect.


Thank you for the responses, I wanted to clarify a curiosity.

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The only real difference is that side-chain has more bling.

See what I did there. Chain. Bli… oh nevermind

lol I swear im no help on this forum