Show your first/oldest EVER project

Not sure if this has been done already but I’m sure it would be fun to see where everyone started.

This was my first ever project that I’ve basically finished but never posted.
A small tribute to xxxtentacion.
I made it around the time he passed and just recently joined Auxy. Literally had no knowledge on making music at the time, next level crust this was but hope it sounds somewhat amusing😂

Would be cool to see all of yours!

Jesus christ listening back to it I’m glad i didn’t post it😩

2/5/17 is the date on this, on iCloud Drive at least. I totally remember working on this too, commuting home from work there was a 46 minute delay lol.


It probably has but I am certain the thread is so so so buried it’s probably best to just do a new one, so rock on :metal:

My ears died when I heard this
: Basically had never made music before. here’s mine

Ngl that’s actually pretty good

That’s decent for an old track aswell

You guys have had a way better start than i have atleast lmao

The only thing I can say is that I had never used Auxy prior to this, but had many years experience with stuff like FLStudio, Reason, Nanostudio on iOS, etc. so I mean, I’d hope it would be something passable lol…

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iirc, this project was created prior to Auxy being cross iOS compatible, around 2015-2016


Anyone else startet with such bootleg dj apps like me?:joy:

Oh damn you had plenty of experience then😂

I used to use the Launchpad app around 2011 was a kid lmao, just full of loops and was super basic at the time. App is still coming strong to this day to be fair

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Lmao i started with that too😂

Launchpad, Groovemaker etc.
Before auxy i used medly, cause i was thinking auxy was only for making loops…

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First on the current phone, but probably a couple thousand songs off from being the very first

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From late 2019, but I started with auxy in 2013-2014

This song is from December 2016, I think 2 weeks before they released AP-001 Flyckt pianos. I was an avid Auxy user then and also really into astronomy which I think(/hope) reflects in this song. This was not the first song I made but it is the first song I was ever proud to make and wasn’t just me fooling around. It’s fun to go back and listen every now and then (which I have done for this thread :smile_cat:)


For your first proudest song on auxy its pretty good. I couldnt even align drum beats with melodies.

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Me either. It took me so long😂