Should we keep the forum alive?

I’m joking… I thought it was pretty obvious

I usually check the update emails to see new projects and posts from other artists and give them a listen.

If the forum dies, if there is a different email digest you can send out to maintain that data flow, it would be appreciated.

Hope notmiles is alright with my screen name XD !

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ah darn

In my eyes, a huge con of the forum is that you are active here. This is a direct way to give input for the app. Discord isn’t. It would be if you were to join the AC and be active there, but that’s mostly down to your personal preference. I think that if people want to approach you, you are the one to decide whether you’d prefer that via this forum or Discord. I think it’s best for everyone if the dev(s) is/are in an environment they are the most comfortable in. It’s your app, after all.

But does it make sense to keep track posting and those categories open then? I.e. the ones that we’re not active in.

I agree.

I think in its current form, there’s little case for keeping the forum open at all.
If Auxy’s heart isn’t in maintaining and really engaging with an Auxy community, then wind it down and pull the plug.

It kinda seems that you’re looking for an OK from (enough of) the community here to pull the plug without any backlash.

However, as mentioned, I think there’s a great case for engaging more with the Auxy user community, in an official Auxy space, and across official Auxy channels. I see them/us as a hugely under-utilised marketing and content resource.

Is that an option you’re open to?


Any way I can get unbanned? I was banned a while ago and I really want to rejoin AC

What did you get banned for

Talking in caps I guess…. Also I would chat A LOT

bro lmao for real

Vokon got em poor soul

I think the Auxy Collective Discord is certainly lively and engaging, with feedback streams and other initiatives still ongoing, like the Auxy Collective Community Awards.

I often find it almost impossible to be able to follow any music discussion in the general chat, though, as it is often interspersed amongst broader general conversation in relation to life, etc. (Maybe if there was a channel called #music-production or such, it might help.) The #resources channel doesn’t really cover it, as that is more for links to external resources. And people do post WIPs in the main chat and have conversations about music production there.

Discord, in general, can also be hard to follow for me, since it’s intended for instantaneous chat, and I’m in a, generally, more isolated timezone, so I have found discussions on the Disco easier to follow in that regard.

I would probably also like to opt to continue to have the Disco and have it be tended to with more curation, but it seems harder at this stage. I’ve been here checking in occasionally since 2017 just after the Disco started, and it felt like there was a lot of excitement about Auxy, its future, and with other members in its community. Community members had interesting insights to share, Auxy’s developers were keen to interact with the community, and there was a lot of hype around challenges and tournaments.

Since then, with various heated discussions around some decisions around the subscription; prolonged absences from developers that were not addressed immediately and thus fed into speculation of disappointment about the app’s future and unfortunately unflattering impressions of the developers’ expectations around community interaction; and a vast number of community members no longer engaging here, I think this environment makes it harder to build up that previous level of engagement again right now, than to do it from the beginning, if one wanted to go about doing that.

As it is, the forum is quite sparse these days, and the past stuff seems to hang over it like a cloud, not motivating people to post here. (I noticed people still occasionally share their opinions on Auxy, and continue to give each other feedback, on Discord.) Forums and chat do give different things, but they need to each be continuously maintained and curated to fully provide each of their unique offerings. I can kind of understand, though, if Auxy does not have the people resources to curate such a community again — I thought the team would grow if the success of the subscription was enough for it, but the team has not grown, as far as I am aware.

But I think it’s too much to rely on just community members as janitors and tournament organisers to do their work again and again for free, and so the activity has dwindled accordingly. It’s no longer anywhere near as rewarding to do, even if others want to take on running Track of the Week, Beat the Clock or tournaments, because there aren’t much people here, and the lack of activity is feeding back into itself there (as those initiatives would breathe life back into the community and drive more engagement). So if the community is left open, I can’t see it flourishing with the current state of continued lack of care and attention. If you do decide to shut down the community though, I hope you would make sure to provide people time to save content, or perhaps a backup be stored at least.


This :point_up_2:

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I agree

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