Should we keep the forum alive?


Seems like the majority of users who want to be part of a community prefers the Auxy Collective on Discord, which we think is awesome! So is it time to close down this forum, or why would we need to keep it in the future? Always looking to keep things focused and avoid dragging things along if they are no longer relevant.


Any thoughts on making this place more interesting and relevant?

Afaik, the Discord server was spun up mainly bc this place was lacking focus and attention from the Auxy team. Rather than wave the white flag, how might Auxy find ways to engage with the user community through official Auxy channels?


Yes but we don’t want to prioritize “managing” a community, especially since the Discord seems to be doing great without our involvement. We would rather look at doing things that channels directly to all users through the app, rather than hosting a place for people to interact among themselves as well as expecting us to be active here. It’s better to separate these two imho.

I do find that instinct unusual for any business aiming for growth. The community is an opportunity, not a burden.

There’re plenty of options that have been proposed repeatedly, that could bring more life into this — the official Auxy forum — without substantially more time or money commitment from the Auxy team.

I say keep it — and fix it up.


Ok. Thanks for your input!

Discourse and Discord offer very different experiences.
All things being equal, I much prefer forum based communities.

I say keep it — and fix it up.


Wanna elaborate on why it’s important to you personally?

Here’s my hot take - Discord is pretty cool, forums are cool too. If the effort or cost to keep this place running is too high or takes any cycles away from app development then I’d prefer this place to close shop, imo.

Propellerheads (Reason Studios) did the same thing. It was kind of a bummer but hey. Life goes on.

Myself, personally, I prefer forums. Discord is too fast paced, too much noise. But maybe I’m old and cranky (edit, I am, maybe I just pretend not to be?).


Thanks for your input!

What do you prefer the forum to be about then? What’s important for you?

if you have the money to keep this place going, then keep it going

Personally I don’t know I have a preference for what it’s about per se. I really like the way Elektron runs their forum, it’s also running on Discourse. Their landing page is a news page though, which is pretty cool The place is crazy though, there’s WAY more people there, there’s significantly more moderation but the overall vibe (that I’ve observed) is not toxic even though there’s way more people, way more posts etc.

When Reason Studios shut down the Props forum it didn’t take long for members to kick up and migrate over to - so there’s definitely value in the forum or the classic “forum type” venue.

I think a lot of people who have been here for a while miss the “hey-day”, circa 2018 maybe? What is different now from then, I don’t know. I’ve tried a few things (along with MM) to kick up interest and it usually falls flat.

Just to provide a data point the AC membership has jumped from ~850 to over 1000 since the news feed item, which is pretty significant growth. I don’t know if that means people prefer Discord to a forum, by and large, or people are here and there? Unsure.

Realizing this is a pretty non-committal answer lol, so I apologize. I have no real hardcore preference, they are different.


Yeah nice! There’s obviously a lot more people who have Elektron devices and related hardware stuff that makes sense to chat about in their forums.

Potentially that they like the platform and that the community there seems to have some upward momentum. I can see how an Auxy forum “could be nice” but as things currently stand, I don’t get many good replies about what value it would create for people using Auxy specifically, beyond what you find in other places, except if maybe Auxy used it to host competitions etc.

AC Discord Janitor here – while I do think that the Discord has had a very clear spike in popularity since the announcement and people are obviously excited about the idea of it, I think the Discord and the forum both offer different things for different people. In short – there’s a market for both, and if there’s enough of a user-base on the forum and the upkeep costs aren’t an issue then it would probably be beneficial to keep it up.

There is a clear difference in dynamic and environment that the Discord can’t offer in some aspects that are important for forum-lovers, who might not be all that excited about completely migrating to Discord.


To clarify, while (imo) it’s a little strange that a company in Auxy’s position seems to be seeking excuses to do things that create more distance between itself and its user community… it’s less about who owns the platform and more about what kind of presence and engagement level Auxy wants to have — and what level the community would like Auxy to have — in that community.

If shutting down this forum meant you were going to be more present, active and engaged with the community on a channel owned by someone else, then that would be a net plus, imo.

However, I suspect there’ll be even less engagement than we’re seeing now.
The fact that this likely outcome is seemingly desirable to Auxy team is disappointing.

So, some questions for you, @Auxy.

What role do you see for Auxy re: the Auxy community, in terms of growth, marketing, etc…?

What kind of involvement from official Auxy would be ideal, if any?

What kind of community would you most like to have around Auxy, from a business POV?

What opportunities, if any, do you think Auxy might gain by being actively engaged with the community/user base?


I’m hoping the cost isn’t the issue.
Even if on the Discourse Business package, the costs aren’t hugely high, even from a small business POV.

Imo, the forum, the community, and the musical output, are a source of so much potential growth material that’s currently going untapped — that could produce business outcomes far greater than the financial cost of the forum software — if properly engaged with.

I’m happy to throw around some ideas with you, @Auxy, if you’re interested. Low-hanging fruit through to more substantial effort/rewards opportunities and experiments.


Hi, sorry to hijack this thread but I’ve just tried to add AC to my ever expanding list of Discord servers. I found the page at and the Invite button. I then get a message assuring me that “Brandy” has invited me to the server. I then click to accept the invite, say that I want to open the separate Discord app, see the stuff about the details being “beamed in” to the app - except they’re not. When I get inside of Discord, there’s no sign of the Auxy Collective server. Any one know what I’m doing wrong?

UPDATE: Yet another example of websites not testing their web code on Mac Safari :rage:

Just a quick thought, its better here to get feedback on audio files or unfinished projects here without sharing the actual link, because on discord you cant upload very big files without purchasing a higher edition which alot of people dont have money for. But i mean hey, there is always private sc links too ig. Just some food for thought.

There’s cringe like vokon and tovay on discord so I want to keep this one.


Namedropping, yikes.