Should the demo sounds be changed?


Edit: This post is for discussion about whether Auxy’s demo sounds represent all of Auxy’s sounds!

We’ve had the same demo sounds for a long time, but now there are several more sound packs which they don’t represent.
For those who don’t know, the demo sounds are Spray, Mascara, Origin, Pebble, Pasta, Egg, Bold Steel, Climb, Barber, and Dirt.

  • They represent Auxy’s sounds well
  • They don’t represent Auxy’s sounds well

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I feel like there could be more in the demo sounds. Like one sound from each pack is free or something like that.



I mean, I use demo too, so of course I want more sounds, but their the demo sounds, not the free version sounds. Maybe just different sounds, because several are from the same sound packs.



I’ve said this many times before, but I don’t think it is ever going to change. The whole reason why the demo sounds changed was to make people purchase the subscription model if they wanted to use the app in any reasonable functional capacity. This isn’t to say it isn’t impossible to do (seriously I don’t know how people like @AnirudhKhanna and @El1011 manage to do anything without at least getting grandfathered in via the old AP’s), but it’s to be restrictive and limiting as possible by design.

I’ve already expressed how poor of a choice this was, as it killed off a lot of good will from anyone casually using the app who may become serious enough to get a subscription, basically telling them to “pay up or you’re not welcome on our platform”. I’ve had people I know, both online and in real life, who were considering Auxy but were turned off by the meager selection of samples and instruments, especially when they were new to music and wanted to learn it. It was heartbreaking in many ways.

I firmly believe the demo sounds should be updated, to some degree, to reflect more of the recent introductions in the app, so people can get a better feel and decide if their money is best invested in the app. But that isn’t going to happen, because that would defeat the purpose of removing the original demo sounds which did that job pretty damn well before June of last year. It would even defeat the purpose of removing the OG drum samples from non-subscription users (excluding any grandfathered users via AP purchases), where the purpose was stated to be “for quality” but ended up being to narrow down what users could do without paying up.

I do not hate the subscription, well at least I don’t hate it until I’m no longer paying for it and i’ll be losing permanent access to anything I worked on post Auxy 5. That’s the way the game works. I am all in support for there being a subscription, it is a great value and really helps out keeping Auxy updated month after month. But taking a look around, you can see the effects that stifling free users has had on the app as a whole. That combined with lackluster marketing and promotion has started to hurt the community as a whole. But that’s not the point of this topic or post, and it’s a rant for another day.

Anyway, I do think that the demo sounds need to be updated. They do not represent the app’s current state at all and, from actual experiences that i’ve had, fail to capture new users into paying up for a subscription.



Well this explains while you took such a long time to type :slightly_smiling_face: But seriously, you made several good points.



After all the app IS still a company (or whatever) at the end of the day. I just finished my last track on the free trial. I think the free trial is such a good idea. It made me want to pay for the actual subscription (sadly 4 bucks a month is a little too expensive for my parents :upside_down_face:) and continue. I think that I made my best song to date because of that free trial. It really makes me eager to pay for it (hopefully I can convince my parents :upside_down_face::upside_down_face::upside_down_face:). I do see your point that after the free trial that it can become boring. But staying with the free sounds for a while taught me that i can make them sound different, by chopping them up, doing weird automations. What I think the demo sounds need is one, more bass, and two, a better representation for the melodies that this app can bring. But I can see how well the demo sounds force people into buying the subscription, believe me I have dreams about getting a subscription lol.



Though at a certain point, your tracks start sounding really similar because their the same sounds. And I also have dreams about getting the subscription lol.



actually I never got any of the old AP’s, so im actually at the lowest level possible for an Auxy user :upside_down_face:

But i still feel like im on the same side of “I dont like it personally, but i get why it was done” tho, i still think it could have been handled better.

As for the actual demo sounds, yeah i think they should be better updated to reflect the current library of sounds. It’s been over a year at this point, so a lot has changed within the app and 12+ months worth of sounds (good quality sounds) have been added since. No fresh user would want to see such an impressive library of sounds to be tossed something from over a year ago as a “demo”. To reiterate, limited sounds are fine, it’s a Demo, but they’re old and a lot has changed since so those demo sounds should be refreshed and updated to reflect that.



Depends really. You can still be creative even with a limited set of sounds. I have also found that the limited options in my case force me to try different things.
I can tell you that the tracks i have put out all sound pretty different, even though the same sounds are used.



I was thinking the same thing

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Why is there two ‘lake’ sounds?



I know auxy a whole point of auxy itself is to be a premium service, but I also feel like they should add some more to the demo, like maybe add one instrument ever sound pack or two, or at least some more drums.



Because, Lake.

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Short answer: different sounds, not more sounds

Long Answer

From what I’ve read, everyone who posted gets that there have to be a limited number of sounds (cause it’s a demo) but the sounds don’t seem to represent Auxy as a whole, so the sounds should be changed to more representative.



Makes sense. I feel like the demo sounds seem to favor future bass and other similar genres. So yeah, I feel like they should be changed, (even though I think I chose otherwise in the voting.)

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Yeah and for genre diversity, so if you wanted to make a non-electronic genre that wasn’t a piano solo, but didn’t think Auxy had those sounds. Auxy just lost one (possibly) paying customer.
And I think you chose yes to changing them. The poll was asking do they represent all the sounds in Auxy.



The whole point of the demo sounds is for you to try out the auxy workflow, not to make/publish songs… lol



I’ve been publishing track with only demo sounds for almost a year now. :rofl:



Congrats but that’s not what the developers intended/wanted (to the best of my knowledge)



True. Still, it’s doing something I love doing and limitations doesn’t really stop me… yet.

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