Should I stop composing?

A thought that has been in my mind for a while. A few days ago I had realised that my skills that lie in music production and playing video games aren’t that helpful when it comes to life in general. And I’m never happy when I listen to my tracks after listening to the genius works of the rest of the auxy community. I don’t think I’ll ever get to where I aspire to be, so should I just keep trying or stop it all?


Keep on going.

It’s worth it


No way should you stop. We all start(ed) somewhere, even those top Auxy producers (sorry for the cliche phrase hah). I’m sure TONS of people listen to their tracks and aren’t happy with them, but the way I see it, that just means you can make your next track BETTER than that one and get better and better, and one day you will be as good as those top producers, I’m sure of it, but only if you don’t give up and just carry on going.



Over in the What Makes Your Style Unique thread you said:

For every song I do i tackle a different genre and use completely different instruments

Which might explain:

And I’m never happy when I listen to my tracks after listening to the genius works of the rest of the auxy community.

The old saying ‘Jack of all trades; master of none’ springs to mind.
Perhaps focus on a genre or two you are really passionate about until you hear the results you’re after.

Or you could become a dentist.


If you aren’t happy with your tracks, turn that into positive energy by looking to what didn’t make you happy. If the act of producing music itself, not the finished product is making you unhappy, take a break. It’s so important to accept that taking a break is sometimes necessary. Don’t force yourself to do something that won’t make you happy, you’ll only grow to resent it.


Being a musician will make you smarterer!


You know composing music and sound design for video games is a career option, right?

There are many routes to that career. All of them will require time, practice and development.

Go for it. :+1:


If it’s not interfering with your life outside of your music and gaming hobbies, there isn’t a reason to put it aside unless you legitimately don’t enjoy it.

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Honestly, if you have the time, you should continue. If this is what you love doing, why stop? The only reason to stop would be if this is harming your life. For example, if you have a job, and this is preventing you from doing it.

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Not aiming to talk them down or discourage anyone, but let’s not forget that ‘top Auxy producers’ are still only at the early stages of achieving anything with their music. Even those Auxy producers with the biggest followings are still almost entirely invisible outside the Auxy bubble.

We’ve all go a long way to go before any of use achieve anything substantial.

(I don’t mean to sound negative. It just frustrates me when I see people look to ‘top Auxy producers’ as some kind of end goal - when, while they’re unquestionably talented, none of those top Auxy producers are ‘successful’, per se - yet.

Anyone with ambitions for their music should be looking far beyond what the most popular Auxy producers have achieved so far.)


I couldn’t agree with this more. It’s best to have this mindset especially to challenge yourself to achieve more (if that’s what your end goal is), as opposed to viewing yourself / being viewed by others as having finished everything there is to do as far as expanding yourself.

This is also an excellent opportunity to find out for yourself where you stand as far as music producing goals. Do you want to become a signed artist and do this full time? Do you want to use the music production and music theory knowledge you develop to aid you in a profession later on? Do you want to have this purely as a hobby for your own enjoyment? In which case, who cares how your music sounds compared to others?


To follow up on @Arimyth’s point…

An article about setting goals…


Yes, but currently with the app we have now, the current ‘top’ Auxy producers are as good as you currently get on Auxy and they are good to look up to and aim to get to; as like an end Auxy goal or something. I do agree what you said though a lot and I have no intention of debating with you or contradict you or anything and I really don’t want to start an argument, so please don’t really listen to what I’m saying.


Hmm… that may be true. I don’t know about you though, but as far as musical goals I’m aspiring to break past the “Auxy Bubble” as far as a listening audience goes which kind of makes what is at the top of the “Auxy Pyramid” irrelevant. :wink:


:slight_smile: S’all good.

Imo… The Auxy app and, to some extent, the community, should be thought of as stepping stones.
(I don’t see Auxy ever becoming a pro-level tool on its current trajectory, so imo it’s important for ambitious Auxy music makers to not only think beyond the Auxy bubble, but think beyond the Auxy app too.)

I think Auxy is a good tool to hone certain skills on, but its limitations become deal-breakers when they start limiting the music you’re aspiring to make.


makes what is at the top of the “Auxy Pyramid” irrelevant

Tru dat.
It’s possible that the first breakthrough Auxy producer will bypass the ‘top Auxy producer’ route – i.e. they won’t reach the top of the Auxy pyramid and then breakthrough, but will simply be discovered and promoted by an influencer with a substantial audience.

It only takes a repost or a playlist inclusion from one influential listener/follower from outside the Auxy bubble to create an opportunity to be catapulted beyond the achievements of Auxy’s current ‘top’ producers.

That’s why I believe it’s far more important to think beyond things like Auxy reposts. Auxy doesn’t have a particularly large following, even amongst Auxy users. (I suspect it has very few followers outside of the Auxy bubble.)
Additionally, the Auxy audience largely consists of other Auxy users/producers. Their interest in following Auxy channels stems from their interest in making and promoting their own music – not engaging with music in the same way that a non-producer engages with it.

You only need to see that ~2/3rds of all threads created here are in the ‘Finished Tracks’ category to know that the Auxy audience is primarily concerned with their own music, rather than engaging with yours. (Not a criticism. Just an observation.)

Again, Auxy reposts can be helpful, but they’re not very influential as it really only means a few dozen direct plays, maybe a few hundred. Either way, still small numbers* in the scheme of things.
They’re not a necessary step on the road to success – and their contribution on that journey isn’t likely to be decisive.

Bottom line: Far better to aim for traction amongst influencers/channels outside the bubble that have their own large/larger listening audiences.


Nah fam keep producing. I’m willing to bet that when all of us started producing, we sounded like garbage. (And I still feel like I do compared to artists i look up to)

But if you are passionate in music and want to do better, you just have to keep trying. Look up tutorials, ask for help/feedback, and use different DAW’s to expand your skills in different areas.

One thing that I actually would recommend is to try and recreate a song that you really enjoy. Even if you don’t have the right instruments to get the same sounds, it will help you with finding little tricks and overall insight into the process of making a track.

ngl, that’s how I made a lot of my earlier tracks but I feel like it helped a lot with my production level. (which is also why i have a boat load of “”"“remixes”""" the further back in my sc page you go lol)

Much like anything else you want to learn and improve upon, it takes time. But from that, you start to branch out and you can find more things that relate to your passions in your daily life. Actually, I credit a lot of my wanting to work in the creative/media world came from me enjoying creating music and videos and I see myself applying these skills to my daily life.

You’ll always get better, seriously. You probably wont believe it, but i just took a listen to my first ever track and most recent track and I was amazed how much I’ve changed myself.
( *2 years ago)
( *bout a month ago)

Another thing:
Don’t let the success of others bring you down. You can admire others, look up to them, be inspired by them etc. But don’t have the mindset of “I can’t get to that level”. It should be more like “I am not at that level yet”. It sounds cheesy as heck, but it’s not really worth it for everyone else here to lend you a hand if you start thinking you’ll never be better.


(dang. only about 20 words off from beating @akabillposters’ comment word count)


Thank you for this!! This isn’t discouraging or debasing in any way. It’s very true, and I want this to become more clear to everyone else.


I’m always trying to find new ways to stretch the app’s abilities to the maximum. And when it comes to promotion and overall exposure, step-by-step I’m reaching out of the ‘Auxy Bubble.’ I think Auxy provides a lot of capability as a tool, but, as far as the community goes, it’s still very insular.


And as for this: If both are something that bring you joy and passion, you should go for it. We all need rationale and a taste of reality to responsibly make it through life, but you should never feel discouraged from doing things that make you happy. You can always improve upon these things and find ways to integrate them into your ultimate career path. Never limit yourself!

Alright so i really cant give you any advise no one has said already but, ill definately try to bring encouragement. You’re passion is worth investing in regardless of numbers, following, or recognition. (that is not a passion, its a need for popularity With a Passion disguise. Look at your interest in making music as art you like for yourself, no one else) tbh i dont know if i have reached that “top auxy pyramid” but tbh i agree that it is not something new Auxy Producers (and Producers that are struggling to find a following) should strive for as an ultimate goal, but thats not to say goals to better yourself is a bad thing. (but that shouldnt be your primary drive to make music) first like many have said try and look places that have a decent following. (maybe repost accounts/labels that have about 100-1,000+ followers. for example mine at first was a label called Sweet tunes) If they have a submit link dont hesitate to use it. Yes there might be times where you dont get anything out of it, but as long as you keep trying with accounts that promote music similar to your own, then eventually you will have people interested. but while you try to promote, also focusing on ways to better yourself in Production, mixing, variation, and polish. by the time you get someone interested you’ll have a sound that you can call yours, you would have spent time bettering yourself in those areas,and it will be of similar quality to other artists under that label, or repost channel. At this point you will enter the professional stage, at this point you should consider putting this at the forefront of your attention and effort. (which means possibly quiting any job that gets in the way of consistant progress. This normally is a must if you want to earn a living off of music) So shows, distribution (sometimes if able, can be started before the pro stage) other events, and full studio releases/Studio work (social gatherings are also a good idea for gathering more connections. this is only able to be achieved once you’ve been established for some time) now sometimes Artists will start their own labels and this is definately an “only if you have the time” investment otherwise you run the risk of losing the intrest of fans, Because if its hyped up to be a constant flow of content then people will expect such. This is Optional so this doesnt have to happen if you arent interested/100% deadset on its growth. But above all else just have fun with all of it and you’ll find all of this natural.