Should I start singing over my beats like Oliver Francis?

I love Oliver Francis’s music and he sings over his beats so I thought I could do it. I’ve never really used my singing voice for anything more than church choirs and singing in the shower but people have told me I sound good so why not? Vote for what you want me to do and leave suggestions below. Also I might need help writing lyrics cuz I suck at writing anything meaningful to anyone other than the girl I like😂. So if you’re able to write lyrics in the style of Oliver Francis or Blackbear hmu and let’s discuss it (I’ll give you credit if you write them for me btw)

  • Yes, sing on your beats
  • No, don’t sing on your beats

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That actually sounds great!

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I’m not familiar with those artists (yet) but I dabble in poetry and lyrics.

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I said no because it’s hard to sing over rap beats without rapping


Can we have a sample soon please? :slight_smile:

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Trip hop???

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I can rap too :joy: my lyrics are like Playboi Carti’s vocals so I’d be repeating like every word :joy::joy::joy:

Shoutout to @Produk for being the only one saying no xD

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Yep. That’s totally a complete sentence.

I vote yes
just don’t make another account to do it