Should I start posting my new tracks?

I’ve recently seen a lot of topics that are just someone’s song, so people on the forum can find out about them. So should I start doing this? Because other than friends on the forum and sometimes some other people, no one really cares about my songs. So I thought, “Oh, I just need to make my songs better”, but i’ve recently realized that there are probably a lot of people on the forum that haven’t heard my songs. So…


Yes, sure! I’ll start on doing this soon when i release my new track (very soon :wink: )

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Yes, though ‘here’ should really be in the Tracks & Collaborations category (not the Production Talk category).


I meant on the forum, but this topic should probably be moved.

Using the forum for publicity is good, but it can get spammy

Yeah, I have found it kind of annoying sometimes, but hey, it works.