Should I reboot my YouTube Channel?


Are tutorials still something that is needed among the community? What Auxy-related content would you guys like to see? I’m just wondering if I should re-invest time and effort into this thing again.


Yes, I’d watch them. Maybe simple tips to make songs better.


Yes i would like Production tips and Song breakdowns, making songs from zero and giving tips while doing thay and explaining stuff👍🏻. Your channel helped me a lot back in the day to do wub wubs


Some more videos from you would be superb, I’m all for it.


Maybe mixing and mastering, drum fills and percussion and maybe mastering the pitch bend and sweeper. And I would absolutely watch them :grin:


Heck yeah! Everyone needs a little help sometimes!


One thing that I think would be beneficial to many folks here would be some basic chord theory. I see a lot of stuff where very common / standard progresssions are (over)used, partially because they’re pleasing to the ear and are therefore popular but I’d assume also because folks don’t know how to construct alternative movements. And to be fair, if you don’t work in chromatic mode much, there isn’t a real need to learn it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was considering putting together a couple tutorials about this (and still am) but would be interested to see your take on this.


The videos most entertaining to me are track deconstructions. (You take one of your popular songs and show your viewers how to make it)


The problem with that is people would probably recreate the song and repost, but i guess people can already do that with SoundCloud mp3 downloader


I would definitely watch. I would like to see more more general song tips.