Should I post previews?

Hey guys, BALLISTIK here. I have seen quite a few producers lately post “sketches” or “previews”. And, as I’m not as prolific as some others, I was wondering: "Should I post previews of my songs?"
I also say this because I’ve got quite a few half-finished tracks laying around, that I may never get around to finishing and you guys won’t ever get to hear…unless I post them as a sketch. And…who knows, maybe having an “unfinished version” out on public display will push me to finish more of them.
So, I’d really like it if you guys told me what you think. Do you personally like it when a producer puts out a “sketch”, and am I just being a perfectionist? Or is it more professional to just have a smaller number of fully-finished tracks?

Don’t be afraid to share your opinions!

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I never post sketches and wouldn’t consider posting them. For me, if someone posts a preview of a track or a half finished track I’ll usually just take note of it and if I care enough about that producer I’ll wait for the full track to come out.

It’s up to you though. If you truly never intend to finish a track and you see some value in posting what exists of it, then go for it.

I do.
I don’t encounter them often, but the writer/producer in me enjoys looking at how an idea starts out compared to where it ends up.

And I do it. A lot.

I know some really don’t like the idea, believing it to be ‘bad for your brand’.

I do it for a few reasons.

  1. It allows me to get some kind of feedback, either here or in the form of likes, reposts, comments, etc… on SC. Feedback before a track is finished helps make the input more active, rather than lessons to be learned ‘next time’. It also allows me to see which sketches I should prioritise in terms of further development. (The Auxy community is not my intended audience, but can be a testing ground, of sorts.)

  2. It stops me being too precious too soon (even though I still struggle to think of anything I’ve ‘finished’ in Auxy as truly ‘finished’).

  3. It stops an idea languishing at the bottom of my Auxy project list. It makes the idea more real, and something I need to act on. (All my ‘sketches’ are partially-developed ideas that I intend to work up and develop fully at some point.

Seems to be catching on with some big names too, with Khalid releasing a “rough draft” of an upcoming track on SC…

Saved (rough draft) by Khalid


See also:

If you were to upload something BIG, like an Ep or seomthing, then yes. Show a preview.

Thanks everyone! I’m still not completely sure, I guess it’ll have to depend on the project. Also, I probably need to build a bigger audience, so people will be willing to wait for a full version.

I’d do demos. A lot of the BTC’s and the Tournament I’m doing feels like little demos. It just depends what you’re after.

Maybe you want your listeners to sample a very well done 30sec-1min work, seeing if they want more. Or maybe you need feedback. Or maybe you have something cool you want to show off and have no plans for it.

Just make sure your objective with your demos is consistent.

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Show a preview only if you are taking a long time, and are working very hard on the song. If you dish out songs every week or month, don’t bother. I would give a preview only for big projects.


I’ve always considered my Auxy stuff as competent demos at best (the phrase I use is ‘Auxy finished) - though I’ve recently started labelling some as demos. (Might add ‘demo’ as a tag too.)

As I’ll be looking to release through a label, and they can sometimes be a bit hesitant about taking ‘finished’ tracks that have already been released*, I’m considering adding ‘demo’ to every (full) track I have on SC.

+ I always intended to put the more promising ones through a proper engineering, mix and master process before formally ‘releasing’ them.

* I’m not convinced even a fussy label would consider the low number of play counts, reposts, etc… my stuff attracts on SC as ‘released’, but hey… :slight_smile: