Should I have a logo?


Currently I have never made a logo for myself. I just vary art on every track but without a logo.
I don’t even have a font :joy:
I’m guessing this is pretty important huh?


A consistent brand and aesthetic in your work is more important than a “logo”. As long as you’re staying to a particular theme or group of themes and have a recognizable visual vibe associated with your sound, you should be good to go. :wink:


Hm… I feel like my arts all over the place. It’s all me so in theory it’s all similar, right?
Geez, I’ve been drawing for 30 years and I’m still not sure if I have a distinct style. That fact that it’s not anime may be enough :man_shrugging:t2:


@Aqua would like to know your location

But in all seriousness, I think you’re good on the branding. Having a logo is always good fun though and can never hurt your aesthetic.


I’m not hating on anime, I rather enjoy the aesthetics of the style, but I can’t pretend that the market for it isn’t a bit over saturated. It’s would seem difficult to stand out by restricting yourself to such rigid artistic guidelines.
As for the logo I realized it hadn’t even crossed my mind up to this point. So I guess I wonder if I’m just random and indistinguishable to listeners (not that there’s a ton)


body seems unclear is it a complete sentence?