Should I change my Name?

I’ve been thinking (Its a dangerous thing…)
Recently I’ve thought of my name as temporary, mainly because i might want to change it. Because changing it is undecided, i thought that i could ask you guys.

  • Keep Stickmanadventures
  • Change my Name

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Thanks for all the feedback! if you chose “Change my name” Feel free to comment on what a good name might be. I want to stay along the lines of what it is now. Thx!

Maybe change it something more simpler, but totally keep it Stick Figure related! Easy to remember and also easy to make a logo for :wink:


I think that simpler/shorter names are more rememberable. Is SMA already taken? That way you’d basically do both - keep the name but also change it to something shorter.


Depends on your music, if you’re making high energy, fast pace, uplifting, plucky music… then your current name would be awesome with it. Else change it.

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Mr. Wubstick


Random idea: Stikma
As in StickMan but cut off. Also sounds like stigma.

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Only developers or moderators can change your name, It is possible, but make sure to get the name you want, then ask a mod to change it :slight_smile:

I was told by a mod that they aren’t allowed to change it because it messes with links. That’s why my name on here is still kiP.


Hmm, I have seen a few people have changed their names, maybe only the devs can?

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I think that was before they new that’s it wasn’t good to change names, and some people just make new accounts.

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I think Stickmanadventures is too unoriginal

Lenberg changed mine and nothing happened with the link.

You maybe should change your username to Smį