Should I change my logo? (Thx Ekstrak)

Hey should I change my logo? And if so, to what?

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Depends; what is it? Can you send me a photo of it?

Just did

I just saw and my response to your question is: No. Your logo is awesome the way it is.

Awwwe thanks boo

que eres tu logo


“What are you logo”? :confused:

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What is(eres can mean is or are) your(tu without the accent is your) logo?

It is only a matter of time before @Produk writes something about the “Should I Change My Logo” spams…

hmm good idea


LOL I’m no good at Spanish sorry

You had it perfect. The translation from AGM was misunderstood.


Not perfect. Accent on the qué. I’m also pretty sure it’s es not eres bc it’s talking about the logo. :sunglasses: I’m such a nerd.


ok so nerds are people who know things now :question: :thinking: :exploding_head:

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M a y b e . . .


Edit: OH, i’m dumb. I thought it was showing the notification that I had changed the title.

Oh yeah, you are right.