Hey guys I’ve rarely been on here cause I am working on my sound, but I’ve released this single for my upcoming EP “The Next Navy Red 18”.

The song is called “SHITWAVY” and its a love song. I made the beat on Auxy lol, it’s become my right arm. I hope yall enjoy! “SHITWAVY” from GEOVANNI

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You almost sound exactly like SahBabii

I’m not a fan of the piano, it seems very out of place. Other than that it’s pretty good, except just try to sink the vocals into the beat a little more. I’m not listening with earbuds right now so it’s hard to tell.

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Beats pretty nice if not a little spare but maybe that was the intent. Vocals are a little too loud for the beat but overall pretty good. I like your flow

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thank you!

thank you and ok. I’ll improve it.