Shifted - Thomaisho [Uplifting Techno, WIP]

Trying out something a bit different, but something I have much passion for :slight_smile:

Anything can be changed. Thoughts?

Love it. You’re piano always blows me away. The strings really bring it together. I legit almost wanna cry. Lol. I typically don’t like the instrument “Spray” but that’s just me. I like this! It is different from your norm, but its awesome! Great job with experimenting different genres

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Thanks man :smiley: I hope you will enjoy the finished product; i’ve been tempted to make a song like this for a WHILE.

Also, i’m glad that I know my piano and strings are on point. Makes me feel less doubtful :slight_smile:

(Hopefully someone brings tissues!)

((Btw it’s Vessel lol))

i think maybe adding some more noticeable delay to the piano might cover up how digital it sounds near the beginning. nice job making tonsil sound good! after the song goes silent it sounds to me like a giant chord hit would fit there nicely. who knows?

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I took your advice, thank you :smiley:

I just finished it as well!

Release thread is here:
Thomaisho - Shifted [Uplifting Techno]