SHIF7 - L0W Remix Contest

Hey everybody! :smile: There’s a remix contest going on for L0W over on the Auxy Community Discord Server! Thanks so much to @Zeph for picking such an old song :sweat_smile: Hope you all enjoy remixing it! The entries are due in one week, but if you don’t make it in time please don’t be discouraged and post your results here! The winner(s) will be reposted as a reward :slight_smile: so have fun remixing!

Project link:

Artwork: Please use this as your artwork to be counted for the contest

Edit: Please use the new artwork! The old one wasn’t aligned right :frowning:


I’ll try. There are so many remix contests going around right now. Wish me luck.

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Thanks! :smiley: It’s exciting to imagine what people will be doing with the new drums for sure!

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Hmm… I’ll make sure to integrate new drums now that you’ve said this.

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Sweet, I love this song. I probably won’t remix but I’ll definitely take a look!

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Hey, look!

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Thanks! The project file is a bit… messy :sweat_smile:

Stl…? What’s that? :laughing:

St. Louis, USA.

Ooh, looks fun! Might try this :wink:

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Saw this on the discord server last night. Such a great song, like seriously. I probably won’t make the deadline for the contest but you can sure expect me to take a stab at this one. Suitcase hype~!

Imma have a go at remixing this! Dont know if ill be uploading it tho, still got problems with my laptop, I’ll send the project link here if you dont mind (I’ll try to find a way around this mess but it may not be too soon)
P.S. By ‘mess’ i mean my laptop n stuff


Feel free to upload it if you want! You can upload straight from the app right? :sweat_smile:

I might try to remix this again. Hopefully this time its not as bad as before.

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Don’t give up hope! You can do it :smile: If you need help again just shoot over a PM alright?

Okay! I’ll try my best but I’m working on like 5 remixes rn cause there’s a crap ton of ongoing remix comps for some reason.

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Just as an update to everyone please be sure to use the newly updated image as it needed to be corrected :sweat_smile:

Here’s mine! Made it into a DnB track, hope ya like it!

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It only ever worked when I first posted a track from the app… hasn’t worked ever since, so i have to send the track to my email, then i can upload freely…
No idea why it doesn’t upload from the app, Ive logged out and signed in to my SC acc. in the Auxy settings multiple times already

Made the time to finish this even though I have a page left in my huge paper due in two days xD Rather happy with the results, this is one of the few wubby songs I can enjoy so I was glad to have a chance to have a spin around with it.

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