Shepard Tones in Auxy



I was fiddling around & ended up sorta recreating a Shepard Tone (in Auxy, of course). If you don’t know what a Shepard Tone is, you can read about it here. Apparently a true Shepard tone uses sine waves, so this may not be pure, but it has the same illusion. As for production, I filled a 1-bar pattern with 32nd notes, duplicated the instrument, and did some automation:

First pattern:

  • Pitch -100% to 0%
  • Volume 0% to 100%

Second pattern:

  • Pitch 0% to 100%
  • Volume 100% to 0%

Ran into some problems because Auxy’s volume automation isn’t linear, so I slightly adjusted the volume automation (made a fake curve) to fit.

:soundcloud: Listen:

:auxy: Open the project:


My man, very cool. I never knew the name of the sound but was familiar with the sound itself. I love seeing this kind of stuff, it’s researchy, it’s fun, and it’s a great exercise.

Good job @stereofield!


P sure these are the things that Christopher Nolan uses in his movies for intense scenes? Like in Dunkirk?


this could make a cool effect inn some future bass or dubstep songs


Still waiting for the drop


Wow that sounded weird as hell. Cool find tho lol


This is so cool.


I can’t listen right now, but I thought I should probably pop this post from the thread Cool Sound Illusion from @AzureOnyx here…



Nice one, I tried this actually but I used notes instead of a pitch bend so it didn’t really work :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Reminds me of pamtri lol


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well, kinda…


Is the volume automation by decibels (logarithmic)?


:joy::skull: lol


august 2017


Reminds me of this…
Anybody recognize it?.
(I think you have to tap the screen once the page loads on mobile for sound)


Yeah, I’ve seen that site before. It uses the same effect, pretty convincing too.


dude the project made my app crash :joy: