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#595 Playing around with those melodies.


Wow I really appreciate you adding onto the track, I feel encouraged to post more WIPs in the future :blush: This is not really my style of music admittedly xD I was a bit inspired by C418’s music (and his work for the creative mode music on Minecraft) but feel free to keep the song. :heart:


Oh okay, i see now. Yeah, Minecraft ost is really good, and I’m glad you have something to inspire you. Cheers


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Maybe someone wants to do stuff with this. I’d really love to see what u guys can make out of this :slight_smile:


I already like it :).


Thank you :slight_smile:


WoW that is very nice dude !
Its not my style but i will work on it


That’t beautiful!



I tried ambient… But I’m not really satisfied with what came out. Feel free to use it, but please let me know if you do.


Would you mind if used it? I will post the result.


Go ahead! I’m looking forward to hear what you can do with it.


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They are the same link…


Does anyone know who made ‘Just A Fat Mouse’


Yeah its me :confused:




So I reproduced music in Trance Genre from ground up using Some of your melodies mainly Chord and Plucks from your project Just A Fat Mouse.

I wasn’t sure whom to credit for melodies


No problem. Feel free for using it!



Oh my…