Share your unused projects here!



They are both is amazing!
Can I use these?


@Ch33t4h @kheeshKP. Nice beats!!
They are free btw!!


Can I use the second track?
Finally you have an actual logo!




Thank you!

#581 Some bad chords I made use these freely I just want to see the product if you do :).


Here it is. Sorry for the wait.


Here’s one:
If you do use it, send me the final product! :smile:

#584 I’m confused


Tried dubstep. Idk what to do with it now lol

#586 Help me


Just a reminder -

If you want help with a track, please post it under "“Work in Progress” with a title like:

Ch33t4h [Collab? Project]


Ch33t4h [Project] Feedback wanted

This topic is for unused project files that other people can use freely. Every link in this topic should be available for free use.


I don’t know what to do with this one, so here ya go xD




Love this thread, Idk where to go with this


Welcome to the thread! That sounds really cool btw, sounds like a dubstep melody. If you add a drop with heavy bass, drums, and disturbing leads, you could have a great track!!! :smiley:


Thanks!! I’m pretty new to making music, just started looking into some theory :eyes:


No problem, happy to have you here


It’s done, but since you started the original project imma make sure u approve of this