Share your unused projects here!


Tried to make a chiptune song, and it only took me a few minutes to realize I suck at chiptune. Maybe one of you guys could use this…

Here it is


Wow. That was awesome! I don’t think I can make that track reach it’s full potential, you can keep it, no need to credit me


Don’t know what to do with this but I really like the progression. If you want to finish it, just let me see the final product!


This is amazing


Can I make it into a full song then it can be considered a collab


Yeah sure but DM me when you finish


I kinda want to do a genre switch, but if it turns out bad I’ll change it


I’m adding some more drums to this. I’ll dm you


Almost there…


Going well so far XD


Trash project, dont have to credit. But if you do something with it, don’t forget to show me! :smiley:


Can i suggesting adding volume automations on the melody to fit the chords and bass in the drop?


Great idea!

#568 Ya yeet




No, really no problem all yours, just notify me when you end the track😃


Here’s one: