Share your unused projects here!


That was AMAZING!!!
Seriously that is some good stuff!


FBI- “Stop right there”


Sure buddy go for it!


I want to see that

Can’t get a good lead on this.

#539 I tried, definitely needs different instruments but still


I haven’t more ideas.


Thanks! Nice lead :+1:


I tried to make some chords for a track. Here are the failed attempts that might be useful somehow. Feel free to use them, but please let me know if you do.


I’ll try to make a better lead as In not triplet notes :3.

#544 Now the bass is in triplets




Do you (and if you do, how do you want me to it) want credit?


@The_Osprey are you liking everything I posted rn lol


I just got a notification: @The_Osprey liked 12 of your posts

I’d say it’s achievement hunting

Ps thanks man




Nobody needs to know


I made this my ringtone


I hope you like the likes I gave you


Hope I can make a song that someone uses as a ringtone one day. That’s how I’ll know I’ve made it.