Share your unused projects here!


Jungle vibe kinda thing, Something I don’t need. Don’t have to credit:


1st one is very strange, but has a nice flow


Strange and nice is what’s in my wheelhouse lol. This was something I intended on finishing but haven’t made any progress in weeks so I figured I’d just set it free


Yes, yes it is


Can I use this? I’ll give credit.


Don’t know where to go with this. Might need some help.

#495 I’ve given up on this.


Added some bits and bobs


Thanks! This helps me out a lot


Planning on finishing it. :smiley:


That’s hot




Thanks guys! XDDDD


Sorry, but I’m good. Im not feeling very inspired by that track so I just kinda wanted to throw it in here if anybody else tackled it. You’re more than welcome to use it though :slight_smile:

How’s this?


Nice drums


Who are you and why have I never heard of you!
Credit me btw lol
That was insane


Ya i’ll credit lollll XD


Hey man just wanted to see if you approve of me posting this? I saw you you trash it and I messed around with it. Tell me what you think


Sure thing!