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Bass thing

Cool wubs

Drop thing


I messed around with the Tron Legacy soundtrack again. Maybe someone can do something with it.


New Wave type beat. Third scene is the meat and potatoes.


Wow really good!


I really need help with this one:


Ok I’m working on it👍


A little something :ok_hand:


Here’s a Collection Of Sounds You Probably Haven’t Heard Of In Auxy.
Note Koto isn’t Mine

Feel Free To Add Your Own Unique Sound To The Project And Repost!


They are the same link



Some EDM thing maybe
No clue what this is


AYY dude thats sick! it sounds so awesome with the “Future Midnight” Melody!


Fixed the second one a bit. The chords sounded a bit off


I was working on a few projects over the past week that weren’t really going anywhere, so I decided to post them here. Do whatever you want with them as I’m not using them any longer

Project 1: 100 BPM Dubstep-Ish Thing

Project 2: Chill Future Garage Thing

Project 3: Trap/Trapstep Thing


Wow nice!


Future Midnight with my Koto:
(Thanks ezA for your reply :wink:)


:+1: nice


Love it! I’m glad to see the song hunter and I made is still relevant :joy: I think the Koto is an awesome addition.