Share your unused projects here!

I can’t get a good drop on this project. Any ideas?


One of my old discontinued projects


Blockquote NeXus

It’s very childish and I remixed it to use for a future RPG Game. I created 3 different versions and they called “Unknown Land”



I did a little thing to the Christmas one

I added a bit of dubstep to make it less empty.

I also gave it a name


Didn’t realize @Ch33t4h Did a thing on this one too.

I have too much free time, considering the 2 other projects I messed with


Thought I’d share this here. I used it to explain something to my friend. It is is really only a project with chords in it but it shows how well inversions work. (Notice how they are all the same notes?)

Edit: here it is with demo sounds for those without premium so that you can look at what I did



I love it!


I forgot what the song was called but I can’t make the notes fit. I need help.


I love the drums!


Find the BPM first




Search it up on google lol. What’s the song name?


I’ve found a way to have a koto in Auxy. I LOVE JAPAN. (And Auxy of course)


Hey, that’s pretty good @Ichiro

Here’s my version


That’s really cool!


I like yours but I feel like the tempo was lost in the drop


Oof I know that song supppppper well it’s “My Heart” by Different heaven :blush:


I’m gonna try to use those chords I’ll see what I can do :upside_down_face: