Share your unused projects here!

015: (Not sure)

016: (8-bit)

The first one is really chill… sounds like something Decruz would do

I got inspiration from anechoik’s new album :joy:

I feel kinda bad saying this but should I know who that is…?


He’s an Auxy producer who’s known in the community for chill and future bass tracks, I think he was the first person to even start chill future on Auxy

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Oh aight. I’ll check him out

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Start with this one

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017: (Electro Swing)

018: (Chill?)
Be creative

That’s really cool! I’ll try and see if I can do anything with it!

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019: (Claimed)

020: (EDM)


Maybe someone could make something with this. I think it has some potential :thinking:

That is really cool!

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This project is a mess and I’m not sure how to change it. I know it can be better but I can’t quite get the perfect sound I want from it. The main chords are inspired from Epic Mountian’s “Optimistic Nihilism.” Feel free to upload it in any form (remixed or not). I’d appreciate some cred but if not it’s cool. If you want to work together, I’d be up for that as well. I just get stuck too often, and I’m sure I’ll be posting here a lot more :grin:


Uh… I’m lost - how is that not amazing??? That is honestly so freaking cool and I’d actually love to work with it. Totally feel u about not being able to finish projects tho…


Dubstep loop

I kinda messed this up with the extra stuff I did, but the melodic perc loops are nice

Here is another loop, I think I started to write this after I listened to some MOTi