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That’s actually sick dude what



y e s

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I feel like playing rocket league listening to that now, what have you done to me😂

is adding your own vocals a pro thing or a free thing

(and I’m asking a rhetorical question here)

um what genre is this

also, help

I’m not sure, the only time I’ve added vocals is after I had the paid version.

Some kind of synthwave

It’s a paid thing since you need access to the melodic sampler and importing sounds

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I did not see the brackets

Lujon sample

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The samples you’ve been using are :fire: do you ever release stuff?

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I’m on SoundCloud as soopky. Gotta few tracks

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yay no lyrics

(it’s actually a good thing since I can’t sing or rap well)

I wrote trap a year ago

The low/reverb version of my song dreams

Quick thing I made tonight:

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