Share your unused projects here!


Mod note: Any project link in this topic is freely available for your use. Any tracks produced from the provided project should be posted in the #tracks category once finished (not in this thread). And ideally give some credit to the person who provided the original project file.

Hey guys! So I was going through some of my Auxy projects and figured that some of you may want some projects for your own personal use, so I’m gonna put all of my unused projects in this topic, and if I have more to give out to you all, I’ll be constantly editing out this topic and putting more in.

I also created this topic so all of the other Auxy users can share their unused projects here as well! So if you want to share an unused project to the community then feel free to do so in this topic, and if you have any requests to share to the other community members, then state what you would like to do in your comment!

If you want to release a song using one of my projects, you will have to credit me though.

001: (Synth Loops)

002: (EDM)

003: (Bass Loops)

004: (Bass Loops 2)

005: (Chill Trap)

006: (Future)

007: (Dubstep)

008: (EDM)

009: (Drum Loops)

010: (Synthwave)

011: (Synth Loops 2)

012: (Future)

Share your projects here!
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I think this is a pretty cool idea – and a cool thing for you to do. :+1: :+1:

I have a number of snippets that I’ll probably never get round to doing anything with.
I may put them up here too, so they might find a more loving home. :slight_smile:

Everyone here should consider doing it with their unused bits of ideas.

Hopefully, the cross-pollination might produce something great out of something that wasn’t getting any love.


I will guarantee you that 80% of my projects (not counting the ones downloaded from Disco) are project ideas I forget or never use.
This will be a long list, so prepare for a lot of possible tracks you can make with em!



I forgot about this thread :joy:


013: (8-bit)


Here is a thing


This project is actually awesome! I’m messing with it right now.


Cool idea! Just under 6 months of using Auxy, I must have 50 or so. Heh! Definitely will post a few to see if they find a new home.

Quick question, is credit to be given as a collab or on a Remix? Tia~

Edit: More clearly, what do you prefer they be called, on your projects? Collab or Remix?


HAH! …And, I thought it was a new thread. :zipper_mouth_face:


You can just credit me in the description on Soundcloud! Just say that ‘Matik created the initial idea of this track’ or something like that. Although if you want to write ‘Danbligity x Matik’ or something else then you can do that as well!


Right on, will do!


I can totally do something with this.


014: (Piano Future Bass thing)


This is an awesome idea!

Here is something I did a little while ago… not really sure what to call it. It’s a little tropical?


I’d say tropical future, not entirely sure though


And here is another. This one is kinda like old San Holo-ish?


Yea… I made it in the car and just didn’t really know what to do with it.


I like this one, kind of is like San Holo but minor :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: