Share your 2018 Wrapped! (Spotify)



your top song is “Call Me Inso”


I guess so


Ayyyy Minecraft music! It’s actually amazing and super nostalgic


C418 is a lot more than just Minecraft music, check out his new album :heart_eyes:


t w i t t e r a c c o u n t


i know so good


I do love xxxtentacion.
Sadly i only got 350 streams this year :frowning: Nothing compared to you guys
btw it says i listened to artists that are scorpio like drake and diplo.

which is interesting because i am scorpio too.


i’m not a twitter guy…

personal reasons


My Spotify for Artists Wrapped is sad… :joy::joy::joy:


yesss xxxtentacion’s stuff is pretty dope


Not as sad as mine :joy:

I thought it was 444 :cry:


I mean it’s not like wow I am so famous lmao but I feel like a I did a good year on Spotify idk


The ISS :joy::joy::joy:


Now I want to check out your Spotify, can you post a link?


So i should say that i want to get verified in my sc bio?




Ok i did that i hope after 8 months i will have control over my acc :joy:


This hardly helps, if at all. If it seems to, it’s likely a placebo.

What does help:

  • Including an email that corresponds to your Spotify account.
  • Connecting your Twitter & Instagram (and putting your Twitter & Instagram links onto your SoundCloud profile).
  • Including other social links.
  • Having a unique artist name & branding, so you are less likely to be confused with other artists.

Spotify’s weird about their verification — what works sometimes does not always work other times, but if you do the above, you’re a lot more likely to get verified. Definitely not perfect, but their system has improved over time. Good luck!


Ok so al i need to do is link my social media in sc. Thanks for the info because i have been needing this info for a long time