Share your 2018 Wrapped! (Spotify)


Spotify Wrapped 2018 is here!

Who are your top artists, what are your favorite songs? And how many hours?

I can’t show mine because I share it with my sister and she listens to like the same 5 songs over and over. But, my top genre is hip-hop and I have about 14,000 minutes of listening time.



The only reason I used Spotify this year was cos of a class about jazz I took.

Only 9 hours, lol


@aUstin_Haga @Phluze :tada:




NF :heart_eyes: yesss


Not crazy numbers but I’m still proud of my progress. :slight_smile:
(and no i did not choose the color scheme)




Did you choose that color scheme? hm








That’s actually really good! You should be proud!


I spent 35 hours listening to @aUstin_Haga this year with 50K minutes total

I did some math and that means I spent 9.5% of my entire year listening to music


i have a buttload of respect for you for that


I’m seeing everybody’s Artists Wrapped and remembering that I’m still not verified…


Try putting your email in your SC bio and saying that you want to get verified. I think that that’s what I did to get verified.


I didn’t even do anything, they verified me after I linked to my spotify on my soundcloud I think


They just need a lot of proof that you’re you & stuff like that helps