SFX and vocals for your Auxy track

When it comes to music production, audio effects and vocals can really give your track that necessary boost in professionalism and sound quality. However, Auxy does not yet offer all of the features within the application that allows you to include these embellishments in your product.

I strongly recommend Apple’s GarageBand app for this. It’s very easy to use, very versatile, and, in various ways, very powerful. If you want to go above and beyond with your Auxy track, I highly suggest you consider this platform. And the more you get to know GarageBand, the more advanced your productions will be - all while sticking to your mobile.

If you need any tips or tricks or have any questions about adding effects and/or vocals to your Auxy production, post in this thread.


How do you usually go about transferring stuff you make into Garageband?

I’ve been following the same process for a while now:

  1. Once you’re finished with your track in Auxy, export the track to Soundcloud as a private track
  2. Download the track from Soundcloud (if you’re a Pro user, you can download the original file straight from the track editor / if you aren’t, you can enable downloads and then download the track from your feed)
  3. Place the audio file directly onto your device (I do this directly through iTunes, dragging and dropping the file into a music playlist that I can easily find)
  4. Open GarageBand and start a new project. The first “instrument” I open up is the audio recorder (make sure the filter is set to “Clean”). I adjust all the settings in the song file to match the settings of the track in Auxy (i.e. make sure the tempo and key is the same in GarageBand as it is in Auxy for that particular song)
  5. Open up the main workstation and import the audio file
  6. From there you can import more audio files if you have saved SFX or vocals in your Music as well, or you can record more SFX and vocals directly with your device
  7. The rest of the features that you may use to alter your track are all up to trial and error :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing! So you need a computer to download the files? What if you export files to Garageband directly from Auxy?

Yes, you would need a computer. I haven’t found a way to export directly to GarageBand yet, unfortunately.

But what if you export uncompressed audio and then pick “open in” Garageband or copy audio? Should be possible to somehow send the files directly. Or, when you import in Garageband, do you have the option to import from iCloud Drive? Then perhaps you could export the files and store them there.

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Aha! Yes you can import directly from iCloud Drive. That is the way to go if you don’t go through the computer.

Do you have a Mac or PC? Seems a bit unnecessary to upload to SoundCloud just to get the tracks onto the computer.

I have a PC. The only reason I went about it that way was because I did not think there was another option, but I discounted iCloud Drive until now.

I think you can export files directly as well, but might not be easier than saving in iCloud Drive. Let us know if you come up with a best practice. Perhaps we need to build a separate app for just handling audio recording and editing.

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I couldn’t find a way to export files directly, but I’ll let you know if I do come up with something :slight_smile:

I challenge you! :wink:

I would definitely purchase an app like that.


There is a way to transfer your audio without confusion like reuploading and downloading from SoundCloud - check out AudioShare by Kymatica. It works really well! I can’t remember off the top of my head whether it’s free, but here is the link: http://kymatica.com/Software/AudioShare

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What about audiobus? Does that work with Auxy?

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We’re not supporting Audiobus because we don’t want to invest in the case where you’re running multiple apps at the same time to make music. We know some people think that’s a good way to work, but we think it’s a mess to run apps simultaneously. And Audiobus doesn’t solve the problem of sending files back and forth, except you can record in other apps.


Simple solution with a free app: music studio. It lets you record vocals with the audio portion, you can import directly, and even upload to SoundCloud from there.

Do you think it’s possible that Auxy would some day support the new “Files” app in iOS11? Being able to export a project or the stems to Files from Auxy would simplify a LOT of problems we now have to revert to the computer for.


+1 on adding support for the iOS11 Files.app.

I have imported stuff into Logic Pro before… I exported seperate stems, it worked nicely :slight_smile: