Serato Studio. Free/Freemium Mac/Win desktop DAW – quite Auxy-like

Just stumbled on Serato Studio.

Could be a good experience for those who spun up their interest in music production using Auxy, and would like to use a desktop DAW, but don’t have the funds to go with one of the usual options.

UI/UI seems like good middle-ground between Auxy and the more established desktop DAWs.

It’s a similar model to Auxy too. Free with a selection of sound packs and loops or monthly Subscription with new sound packs / loops added every month.

Obvs, works with midi controllers, keyboards, etc…
Also works “seamlessly” with Serato’s other DJ hardward, etc…
Supports VSTs and AU plugins.



Good share.
I had no idea this existed.

The free version has a few limitations, but it looks like quite a decent little mashup maker.

A few alternatives worth considering:


1 audio track does seem particularly light. Though, I’m assuming one-hits can be triggered using the MIDI channels. So, 1 audio track more than Auxy gives you — possibly all you need if you just want to lay down a simple vocal.

Never been a fan of that Ampify/Launchpad 3rd-party loop-triggering approach.
Doesn’t feel like real music making to me. More like a cool music toy.

Any producer that has that approach at the heart of their creative process deserves some major :unamused: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ll take a look at the Roland ZenBeats option though. Seems cross-device, which is something I’m looking at as I move away from Auxy.

I’ve got Ableton 10, but I’m open to different workflows if the flexibility is there.