Secret Instrument Colors


Has anyone else noticed that in the demo of the sound pack signature pianos that the instrument “Face” has a color assigned to it that you can’t get normally? Apparently there are many instruments with “secret” colors, if you find any, post them here.

You are able to copy and paste it and change the instrument if you want to have this color for your projects.

Here is a repository for all the ones found so far all of them are spray so if you have the demo you can use them.

Hot Pink:
Nearly invisible:

What we miss in Auxy 🙁!
No Sound Challenge

very intriguing indeed :thinking:


The colors in these demos existed before we were given a choice to change color through a pallete.

The color you were talking about used to be in Auxy, not anymore


Ah, I had no clue. Thanks


that does make sense :thinking:


Its a color that used to exist




We need a real color pallete


I love it when the forum finds stuff like this :joy:


you never know what will come up - and its usually the best stuff ever



The grey color on crater from the signature pianons demo is also an exclusive color to the earlier days of the app. In the vivrant demo the orange yellow that is on coin is also unavailable.


In a thread here a while ago, I posted a project that has tons of strange colors like white and invisible. I can link it again here if any of you are interested


Looks like we can add another one:

Silk, from the 7 skies demo


Yeah, if anyone has any strange colors they want to add, do it. I’d be interested to see how many we can find.


@Jax White and invisible instruments


What?! That’s awesome! How did you do that? Or did you just find them?


I made them :wink:


Did you glitch them or did you code them?

Edit: I didn’t even notice the second invisible one! That is amazing, and I will definitely be using these!


It’s a long process that involves having another device with a super old auxy version (before everything was encrypted) and editing its internal project structure, then transferring it all the way to the current version. You can create an instrument or legacy drum kit with any hex color using this method!


It’s like magic! So you can change drum kit colors too?