Secret Agent Gel - Change my Ting ft Redders [UK Funky]

Out today on Durkle Disco! Getting lots of airplay including on BBC Radio1! Made with Auxy :slight_smile:


Can you send me the project in a DM? :sunglasses:


Love the track. :+1:

@corey is this your track?

If so, it would be great to hear about your mixing, mastering, and promotion process - and the experience of making it onto the BBC Radio 1 playlist.

@Auxy , potential content for the Auxy site?

Thanks! Yes, my production.

To be honest, I’m not set up for proper mixing at home, so I pay for mixing at He does a great job.

To get stems of every sound, I create an instrument for each. Kick is a track, hat is a track, snare is a track, etc. To me, The ability to export each sample in a sampler as individual stems is one of the few big features missing from Auxy.

Bloom’s mixing includes mastering, but in this case the label, Durkle Disco ( ), wanted a vocal version as well. So I sent them the unmastered mix, and they recorded Redders at a radio station before their monthly show. Then Sam Binga ( ) mixed the vocal, and re-mastered both the vocal and instrumental so they’d sound cohesive for the release.

The label did a fantastic job promoting. I’ve also been making music for 20 years and did my best to promote through my own contacts. I would say the most effective promotion for a dance track like this is sending promos to DJ’s. There are sooo many small radio stations (online and IRL) that have a huge influence on tune popularity. Radio is definitely not dead.

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Thanks for that breakdown, @corey.
You might well be the first Auxy users to get serious traction on an Auxy track, so kudos there :+1:

I’m often saying (here) what a difference a vocal can make to a track, especially given the strong leanings of most radio/listeners towards vocal tracks. (I create under multiple names/genres, including synth-pop. I’ve got a small collection of track demos in instrumental form, while I [kinda] look for a vocalist/lyricist.)

Many here would love to have their music become something more than a hobby or side-hustle, but few actually do the other 90% of the work — the promotion. :wink:

Congratulations on the air play. It’s a cool track. (Not my go-to genre these days, but I’ve had enough dancehall in my past to still appreciate the vibe and energy. :slight_smile:

(Btw, re: separate output stems for slots in a kit is a feature that’s been requested a couple of times. As an Auxian getting radio play on one of the world’s leading stations, maybe your request will add some weight to the others who’ve also requested that feature [including myself] :wink:


Indeed. We need to sort this out. :relaxed: