Second Message: Twizard’s Birthday EP

1 year and 2 days
12 months and 2 days
367 days
This is my first EP and since my first song (I have posted some songs before but deleted them) was named first message and also was my first message, this’ll be my second message, an EP. my first message was 2 days before my birthday, the second message is on my birthday.
I wanna thank y’all for this amazing 367 days, the ones who listened to my music and the ones that gave feedback to me, I’ve improved so much and I’m really happy with my music career now, thank you

This is also the day that I’ll start with a new big project: I’ll make a track and I’ll work a whole year on it, I’ll still upload some songs, but less than normal. Again, thanks.

Thanks to @kheeshKP and @NeXus for letting me remix their awesome tracks
Thanks to @PISTOL for collabing with me, it was an honor​:pray::pray:



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Really enjoyed making Resilience with you, loving the other tracks on the EP as well.