Scorpion - DJ La Rocca (Melbourne Bounce)

Here is an awesome Melbourne Bounce banger!!! I hadn’t made a full Melbourne Bounce track in a very long time so I’m glad to have brought one today. Hope you enjoy!


I dunno what the heck Melbourne Bounce is but this was super slick!

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I like!! First I’ve heard of Melbourne bounce. The Aus reference piqued my interest (I live in Canberra). Thanks for the sweet track and the intro to a new sub-genre :smile::+1:

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Thanks buddy!!

If your interested in what Melbourne Bounce is look uo will sparks! But thank you very much! It’s actually one of the most simple genres to produce and it’s a sub genre of house.

well i’m bouncin’ so it worked.

@Sunny That’s the spirit my man!

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It’s new to me too. It seems like heavy house, but with a 3/4 rhythm, instead of the standard 4/4.

Is that about right?

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Yes 3/4 note extend d to cover both ending notes. it’s an off beat bass

This is amazing. Nice work bro!

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@Aqzi Thanks man! :slight_smile: I’m making an album of my top ten best songs.