Scenes not showing notes playing

I can’t pinpoint when, but sometimes the scene screen doesn’t show the notes playing when the song is. Might be when coming back into the app if audio in background is on. Definitely have noticed it on more than a few occasions

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I’ve noticed this happening a few times as well.

From within the app, send an email to the devs. That way, it sends a written log to them and they might be able to fix this.

Could you explain a bit more about what you mean? Attaching a screenshot would be great! The scene previews don’t really show notes so that’s why I got a bit confused.

During song playback, the black dots in the scene blocks on the scene page will blink on and off as the song progresses by the spot in the piano roll where they reside. Most of the time. Sometimes, they don’t. I’m pretty sure it’s when you minimize the entire app during playback and then come back in, but i can not be sure of that precisely.

I kinda caught the first bar in sweet spring blinking off in the screenshot

I think what happens is the app will only display a certain amount of notes at once