SanaB - Equinox [House]

Dropped a brand new house track yesterday:


Hope you enjoy! It’s something pretty different than what I usually make.

~ Sana


Tbh, I’ve not really listened to your stuff for quite a while, mainly due to my own genre preferences.

It’s still not my genre but, it’s absolutely clear how far you’ve developed in recent months. You seem to just be hitting your stride now and your work is sounding much tighter and together.

Great stuff. Keep growing. :+1: :slight_smile:

(To clarify, I really don’t say this to be patronising or to somehow suggest I’m more advanced than you. Just wanted to say how impressive your growth has been. :slight_smile:


So, a quick-ish thought on the track (again, this genre’s not my speciality, so def take with a pinch of salt)…

As you use the same bass groove throughout the track, I think you’ve missed a trick by not switching it up during the drop using bass/chord progressions to give that a more satisfying and uplifting groove.

Imo, it would give the drop more melodic contrast to the more tribal/trance-like constancy of the main groove, and give the listener something they could really sink into/rise with.
You’d return to the main groove after the drop.

One particularly note in your drop bassline hints at the direction the progression could have taken, suggesting a chord progression, but doesn’t follow through – and, imo, that felt a little disappointing as I was really ready to break away from the main groove at that point for a more uplifting drop.

To illustrate what I mean, I’ve (very quickly/roughly) thrown together a reference drop composition. Ignore the sound/production choices, it’s just to illustrate the bassline and chord progressions I’m suggesting.

You might think this exact example is a bit cheesy, so maybe not this exact progression, but something in this spirit.

Anyhoo, feel free to check it out or ignore it. Just thinking out loud. :slight_smile:


Dope song all round! I love the transitions between the different sections of the song.

Thanks for the feedback! Good stuff to improve on for next time :smile:


Do you agree with the comments? Do you think those changes could improve the track?

(It’s totally fine if you don’t. It’s your creation, after all.)

yeah! i kinda wanted to keep the main melody/chord progression consistent and to add other melodic aspects to ensure that it’s not repetitive. but I can definitely see where you’re coming from to change up the bass line groove. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I love this it’s such a professional sounding track, the beat is clean, the melody is catchy. Was this track made solely in Auxy?

Love the click that comes in. Nice progression overall. Buildup was perfect and I like the ‘drop’. This is a good track coming from you. Considering ur new to the genre. If u ever need tips with progressive House I’m happy to help.

Coz this was a great track. You nailed the progressions and transitions are awesome. I do not like the Allen melody at all though :confused:

Love it!

yeah, all auxy!

thank you! means a lot coming from you.

no allen melody actually; the little arp thing is pug w/ tone :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks hummus xD

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Oh my bad. I just didn’t think it fitted, sound wise and melody wise.

What do u mean it means a lot ‘coming from me’?

a master at house music lol

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Aw thanks sana! I’m sure you will get there if you keep practicing and experimenting with the genre. Your already going on a good path

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the song will be out in stores on July 17 :slightly_smiling_face:

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