SanaB - Amethyst [Chill, Label Release] :spotify:

Hey guys!

Just dropped a new track on a label, Cosmic Superior (a branch of Phuture Collective). It’s called Amethyst, and I’m really happy with this one. :wink:

It’s also 100% Auxy, probably the first track on the label to be. :smiley:

Would love your guys’ support/feedback on this one!

Now out in stores:

Google play:

~ :sb:


That’s super chill.

Nice use of sounds.
I like the chords!

What other Daw do you use?

Thank you!


Hey :sb:,

That’s some chilled out :house:

You’re right to feel proud.

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When Graye asked about DAW’s, I think he was talking about this part:

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Oh haha. @Graye it’s a label, so you’ll have to ask the other people that released on it.

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I can’t really say anything better than what the others said. They took the words right out of my mouth.

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Haha thanks, glad you like it :smile:

it’s now out in stores!

google play:

if you’re interested in purchasing it on google play or itunes, that would absolutely make my day :smile: