#sadhiphop challenge

I was inspired by Moemex’s #happyhiphop challenge so I decided to do one of my own. I am better at sad hip hop so I thought I’d give those not-so-happy people a chance to express their hiphoppy side too.

This is what you will be working with: https://app.auxy.co/projects/NfQmGy95091aDRimBHORWg==

The guidelines are that you mustn’t mess with the pre-existing melodic tracks to the point that they are no longer recognizable or sad. You can try to make them more sad though. Like moemex said, we need more representation of this fantastic and rich genre (Not the lame mainstream trap mumble rap stuff though. Not that I hate all of it). Fire away and make me sad! :wilted_flower::broken_heart::sob:


XXXTENTACION would be proud


:fire: I can’t make hip hop :fire:

Does that work for you xD?


You should try. Right now I’m sadder than ever



At first I was disappointed it wasn’t an organized song but I really want it to be after that loop. Awesome job!

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Nice! I’ll try to participate those next days, since my happy challenge was - like - rarely participated in, Let’s see what people think about minor-like music. :slight_smile:

But loving the follow up challenge :call_me_hand:

I actually think it’s in major :sweat_smile: I messed up on that one somehow. Just change it to make it sadder I suppose

you mean lofi-hip hop?

It doesn’t have to be but that would be sick if you made some

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How is this? https://app.auxy.co/projects/sctwfyj6dupKFXuIMscalQ==

I do NOT know what just happened but I ended up really messing things up :smiley:


So - I made it more melancholic and THEN changed major to minor, tried to rescue what I could cause I wanted to stick to minor to proof a point :smiley: do with it what you like. :wink:

but the exact opposite happened. it all started to sound weird, so I just added some more tuny 80es vibe at the end to cover up my mess :smiley:

But hey - failing is a step on the way to success or whatnot :sweat_smile::nerd_face:


I liked how you used the drums in the second scene.

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SUCH A GOOD SONG @nyc :pray: Send us a SOUNDCLOUD LINK https://soundcloud.com/newnames/i-cant-make-hiphop


Interesting use of freak and ducker on punch. Sounds unusual but not bad

When that Avenue came in it made me want to buy the pack even more!!! Unvelievably dope. Kinda gave some future vibes on the revised 808s too

What would you do differently?

Nothing. It sounded cool! Interesting take! I’ve never actually used freak and the Marble sounded cool. I probably would have done something differently but that’s because we are all different. Make what you like and think sounds good!

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At least 5 people thought that that was a real link (or were at least curious) and clicked it. Th his group may or may not include me though lol

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