Rules for music monetization?

So, I asked @Lenberg in a message about monitizing the songs we make in auxy, and he told me to ask again in a post. So let me officially ask, what are the rules for monitizing our music?

I read somewhere that Auxy can be used commercially and anything you make is yours
That was a long time ago though

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If you look in your settings app and go under “Auxy” down at the bottom of the list, it might have some info in terms of use or something.

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It should be in settings like Austin said. You may sell anything you make with Auxy and Auxy has no claims to the music you make. Just make sure NOT to infringe others copyright, which has happened apparently a lot in this community.


Could we perhaps get an answer from @lenberg about this? The Creative Commons page didn’t clarify about original songs.

Damn what did I miss?

Jeeze this is old. You can monetize songs you make using Auxy. You cannot sell the sounds inside Auxy or package them on a sample CD to sell or whatever. I think it’s pretty straight forward.

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i have been alerted hehe