Rock music/ guitars in auxy


Dadmother : Rock :: Inso : Synthwave a m i r i g h t

Up next on my listening list :star_struck:

love your stuff man. Followed you on Soundcloud. Keep it up!

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Thank you so much, friend! That means a ton :sob: So, what kind of sound are you trying to achieve? Looking to do more rock-oriented? Something heavier?

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Yeah. I want to add more “fullness” to my tracks.

I do a lot of layering to get some good, fat tones. I know it’s said to be a no-no, but I’ve used Subway a good number of times to make a fuller sounding “guitar”. The bass pack has been a god-send for this as well. I’m a big Melt fan, for sure. Do you have any projects you’re trying to pump up that you could PM me? I could do some tinkering and send it back for examples :slight_smile:


Sure! I have one I can send you, but I also want to express anthemic rock-like melodies like this:

Oh nice! I actually managed to make a pretty solid solo guitar sound as well, so I can send that example your way too :slight_smile:

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Alright cool! :fire: I just pm’ed you. Can’t wait to check it out

There will most likely be a pack with electric guitars soon, don’t worry


“Oh, you’re foreshadowing another pack again?”

“Instead of keeping your secrets, you’re foreshadowing again?”

“I can’t inform the auxy community without getting closer”

props to anyone who actually gets the joke here, yare yare daze ;3


You sure? You can try using effects such as high pass to tweak the sound so it sounds like rock music.

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I am trying to see how heavy bass makes rock music, but heavy bass is not working right now. You know how you can fix it?

Wait. I got it. Just max crush and min rate bitcrusher distortion on claw. Pitch it low.

This is one of my personal faves for guitar sounds I’ve created.

As well as this one (specifically the bends in the chorus!)

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Some of the sounds in Heavy Bass can be made to sound like electric guitar if pitched up. Mental as well

Alright I am back.
A weird idea is distort a sound from acoustic guitars pack.

Still at home!
It is hard to tweak, so here is a list of terrible (but creative) ideas:

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