Rock music/ guitars in auxy


Has anyone here tried to create/emulate Rock music in Auxy? If so, how do you go about it? What sounds do you use, especially for an electric guitar?


Fuze. So far it’s the only one.


@Dadmother does


If you pitch the basses up from the ‘Heavy Bass’ pack, space your notes like a strum and roll up the high pass a tad, it’s a passable non distorted electric guitar.

Dadmother is the blast beat king.

Alternatively, I’d either record guitar direct somewhere else and sample it in, or, use what’s in GarageBand and export into Auxy.


Heavy bass pitched up. Doll is a good one. Also use pitch bend to get a tremolo effect.


Stress with full tone and shape creates a very very strong distortion/clipping effect, very gritty but doesn’t necessarily sound much like a guitar in some instances. The rest of the suggestions are newer, this is more or less what we only had previously x3


I’m in the process of re-creating Bulls On Parade



I’d love the hear it when you’re finished! Bulls On Parade is one of my favorite songs to play on guitar


Audio is embedded. Does not play?! :exploding_head:


I thought I was the only one having problems


As @Insolidarity said, @Dadmother has done some wicked stuff, but I’ve also dabbled a bit in it myself.

My go-to example? Empty Rocket Fuel Tank, both versions.
-Remastered (Unreleased)

Some of Avalon is very rock-based, specifically Torbay, Middle Cove, Holyrood and Avalon (the song itself).

EDIT: I wasn’t finished, dang it!


Great songs, but I don’t really see the rock influence in most of the songs on YouTube

#14 Try this


Is this a remix or a cover? I noticed there are different notes in one part


You can get some good rock guitar sounds out of unexpected instruments such as orbit, vintage, corner, and some others


Corner is really good for electronic guitar sounds


It’s SUPPOSED to be a cover. Lol


Oh, well the third section has different notes.


Did someone say r o c k?