Rocca’s Happy Hardcore Templates!


This project consists of 4 loops & basslines combined into 1 track to showcase ‘Happy Hardcore’. If you wish to use any of the loops in your songs, please DM me. You must “Ft.” me and add “used template from rocca (with track link)” in your bio. Collabs are also accepted at certain extents, you guys know I’m strict

If you like this idea comment down below with some more genres I can do in the future for you guys? Or make your own!




Nice sounds but I can’t make happy hardcore😅


Its actually really simple


@Lex would like these


I was gonna tag him but wanted it to come naturally




Oh I thought u said @Jax


Just checked them out, sounded sick @DJ_La_Rocca! Ima try to work on something with that template soon.


Awesome. We can either collab or you can follow the instructions up above! Also just pick 1 out of the 4


Will do!


I think I will in fact like these.


What genres do u make


Typically stuff along the lines of happy hardcore tho sometimes I like to do a lot more eerie and/or laid back stuff


That’s. Cool as, link us