Rocca - Ostentatious [Electro House]

The title says it all…

Decided to try something kinda different whilst keeping my style.

Let me know what u think either in the comments or down below.


I really like this! Nice bass. Tonsil feels a bit out-of-place. Like the drum beat! This does not sound like Auxy. Is it? Either way, really nice! Love that melody. You’ve grown so much dude. Very proud! :smile:

Chords/Melody: 8/10
Drums: 7/10
Composition: 10/10 :clap:
Mixing: 9/10
Appeal: 9/10

Overall: 43/50 This may be a new favorite song of mine.


Tonsil is supposed to sound like something like the Aural psynapse thung that dradmau5 does but that it the only thing in the track that is supposed to sound like someone else, everything else was 100% purely thought out and imagined.

And yes it 100% Auxy

I really appreciate ur feed back and I also like this new rating system u have!

What’s composition and appeal mean?


Since ur here, sound slike u created it?

Mind explaining composition and appeal?

Did you mean to reply to me?

I didn’t create Hexx’s rating system.

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Oh then why’d u reply with thumbs up to the rating system quote?

Because he likes it too?

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Ah gotya. Sorry I literally woke up 10 minutes ago


Because I’d had a previous conversation with Hexx about his criteria.
I much prefer the new system


Composition is how the song is structured. Appeal is just how much i like the song. Lol

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