Rocca name change - (synthnova)

Hey guys, through my 5 years of music production of been recognised as “Rocca” or “Dj La Rocca” it’s grown on me for the time being and it’s who I am. However there’s always been other musical artists with the name “Rocca” and it’s too generic and boring.

I have chosen “synthnova” because it describes who I am, I am inspired by space and synth, well you can already understand that part. There’s no other musical artist with this name, it’s catchy, it’s memorable.

Upon soon moving to Fl Studio like I was supposed to last year, there was complications which I was sold a faulty computer and have had to save my money up again to build my own which I should of done in the beginning. I want to segregate my music from the Auxy community as I’ll be moving away from it. I’m not entirely sure whether I should just change my name and private everything, or create an entire new profile (I don’t want to do that as I have three platforms)

I’m just struggling to decide which path to take and what is best to do, I don’t want to lose my fan base but I don’t want my Auxy music to be integrated with the new music I’ll soon to be making sometime around 2020. Or should I just leave everything as is and create a playlist with “Auxy music”?
You’re advice is greatly appreciated.

Anyway, “synthnova” is the new name


Personally (and this is something I’ve often seen with other artists doing a similar thing that you are) I don’t see the need to “segregate” Auxy music with music created with whatever DAW you move to. Music is music and a DAW (mobile or desktop) is just a means to an end of creating that music. Do you want to separate the two because you feel your Auxy music is lower quality? Or maybe that it represents a time in your music career you want to move past? Give it some thought because it may be the case that whether or not you use Auxy as your primary way of making music (or at all for that matter) it can still have a place in your overall discography as a musician.

With that in mind, there’s definitely value in combing over your current releases and finding out which ones you want to represent “the new you” with your synthnova branding (which, for what its worth, I do like a lot better than your current name). But I’ll reiterate my point of trying to judge them based on objective music quality rather than the fact that you made them with Auxy.


Yeah and that’s all true stuff it’s just I want to segregate it because of the quality yes, it’ll look wierd if all my previous stuff sounded wierd then all of a sudden it sounds real professional. That’s why I wanna create a playlist that showcases my pod way of making music.

Also thanks for liking the new name

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+1 @Arimyth

Nice new name btw :smile:


Thank you. Expect quite a while before any new music :slight_smile: my setup should be done at the end of this year

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I do like the name. Just an idea, turn your Auxy music to private and put it into a private playlist. Then link it on your page. That’s what I did to my old tracks and WIPS. I mean I have around 66 posted tracks but only 9 of them are public :woman_shrugging: lol. So yeah, if you are worried about the aesthetics of your page, or the music kinda mixing up, utilize the private feature! Fans can still access it :slight_smile:


Thats a wonderful idea thanks bro

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Np, looking forward to the new stuff :v:

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Here’s a prototypes logo, it’s really crap for now but that’s kinda like a template I’m going for


4 months later

Lmao. I said whoops coz i changed my name once more after it. I dodnt like it. But i am POSITIVE bout this one “Fivelementz” its also available for patent


What about AJ Stylez


:shushing_face: shh

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That sounds familiar @HELIXX.