Rocca - Kaleidoscope [Happy Hardcore]

Last time was first time hardcore, this time I’ve gone for happy hardcore. Well… it’s in major.

Take a listen!


I’m a Barbie Girl! In a Barbie woooorrrllllddddd

Oh shoot nm sorry. Good deal here, I think you’ve pretty much nailed the sound, from what I remember at least. Very well put together, same art so I’m thinking you’re gonna include it on this release? Should fit together nicely with the other overall.

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Lol whatttttt??

Haha, thanks, yeah I’m working on a lot of hardcore and trance songs, but most of the trance songs are pushed back coz I’m really digging hardcore rn. But yes, I’ve released 5 so far, it’s an album.

Also my last release before this one is a bit better. It hits harder

Good deal :slight_smile: little bit of context -

This is about the extent of my experience with happy hardcore. The album wasn’t terrible I don’t care what anyone says. Vengaboys were pretty big around the same time too.

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I wouldn’t call that hardcore at all. I know the song, who doesn’t? Haha. But umm yeah I’d say this is some sorta dancey genre. Nothing close to hardcore at all.

Ok - anywho I dig it

Cheers. Have u heard the previous one “intoxicated”?