[RnB / Auxy VocalChop] Feel It (Prod. WAVZ)

Used the vocals to make a little “sample”. Let me know what you think! (Coming to soundcloud soon!)



very nice! I think you could make the kick a little quieter. But its actually very good, and it gives good vibes.

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Thanks! I see what you mean- usually I try to go for punchy kicks but listening back it does seem a bit too high- part of it is usually due to instagrams audio compression as well but I can’t seem to work around that just yet

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Yeah instagram isn’t good with compression. It just makes everything sound louder and a bit more distorted then it should be but you cant really do anything about it.

Pretty much all social networks will require their own master for best results.

From memory, Instagram mono sums your audio and applies a limiter at ~ -3dB.

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