RK - Ruthless [Vocals/Deep House]

Ruthless - RK [Deep/Future House]

Hope you like it :blush:


I like the track, some nice production touches…

Not sure I’d consider it deep house. I’m sure there’s a more suitable sub-genre for this track.

The other point is that you’ve taken the vocal from Good Thing by Tritonal, remixed it – which is fine — but then you’ve named it as though it’s an entirely new, unrelated track.

Imo, this is a remix of Good Thing and should be named/identified as such.

I really like this track, and it sounds great. Percussion wise, amazing job. I do have a bit of feedback though, as to me, it sounds a bit centered and the piano sounds slightly dull. Personally, I would add some chorus (if you already did, maybe duplicate the piano and pan it to both sides?), and some reverb to give some more space to the track. Also, I would slightly increase the volume of high end frequencies in the main “drop” sections to help the vocal separate from the bass. Overall though, great work!

Thanks for the feedback!! :pray:t3:

Oops didn’t even know where the original vocals came from (downloaded from a free vocal pack). Anyways I did it for the fun and at the time I needed vocals that would fit the song (that was already done).also It wouldn’t be a remix, it would be a bootleg… thank u tho

Yeah, you need to be careful with ‘free’ packs. Lots of stuff copyrighted stuff ends up in ‘free’ packs. Could lead to account strikes, even legal issue.

Once you know the real copyright situation, you can still choose to use it, but at least you understand the choice you’re making.

Of course, it’s possible that the track’s copyright holder has released the vocal for exactly this type of use. It’s rare, but it’s possible.

(Side-note: If a vocal is available is its entire ‘song form’, rather than as a chopped up as a vocal parts pack, chances are it’s actually a commercially available song. It’s wise to hunt down the original track and find out the licensing situation before using it.)


Can you explain the difference between a ‘bootleg’ (as you describe it) and a ’bootleg remix’ to me?

A ‘bootleg remix’ is commonly used to refer to an unlicensed remix.

Aside from being less dishonest/plagiaristic, there’s another good reason to identify it as a remix, referencing the original track name, etc…

The original track was popular, so might attract more listeners who encounter your track because it’s a remix of a popular track.

TBH, there are likely to be more listeners searching for that track by name, than for RK (artist name) or Ruthless (your track name)*. People who want to hear your music will likely already follow your account or discover you via other connections.

(* No offence meant. It’s the same for everyone here.)

By identifying your track as a Good Thing remix, not only are you side-stepping accusations of plagiarism (and reducing the chances of account strikes, legal issues, etc…), you’re also increasing the chances of people discovering the track — and subsequently your RK account.

(Creating bootleg remixes is a common way for music producers to create an early audience. But, of course, it only works if you actually identify your remixes as remixes. It’s the popularity of the original track that brings in the listeners.)

All that said, I think the track is good — and deserves to stand next to the other remixes of that track. None of the other remixes I found sounded like yours, so… :+1:

Anyway, I’ll shut up now.

P.S. I still think ‘deep house’ is the wrong genre tag :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good (appropriate) tagging, especially good primary genre tagging will also increase chances of listening discovering the track and Liking, Commenting, Reposting — which all helps get your track even more promotion on the SC algorithms.