RK - PARADOX [YT Music Video]

I made a musical video for my song :slight_smile: hope you like it!
Soon in spotify and SoundCloud


lmao bruh yall are wild af.
Nice job on the vid tho, but next time you should try and keep all your vids the same orientation/aspect ratio because those black bars for the different sized vids just take away from the actual video.
(was this from some a vacation or sumthinโ€™ ?)

also it might just be me, but it sounds like the music is clipping when the drop hits


Nice job :+1:

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Great job on this! Idk how old yall are but I do hope thats root beer and Sparkling grape juice :wink:

Anyways I agree with @El1011, for the video maybe keep the entire thing with the black bars/cropped frame. IMO it looks pretty cool and adds to the whole vibe! Other than that, the track is great (As always) Keep it up and make sure to drop us a link once its on Soundcloud, Spotify, ETC.

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Just grape juice

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Hahah thanks, I know but there are a lot of videos of my bros that are other formats.

Thanks :pray:t3::), as soon as I uploaded it I would share with you guys.

Thanks :facepunch:t3::fire:

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