Riddim Dubstep Auxy Challenge

hi. today I will make something that was probably not here… well try to make Riddim dubstep in auxy. well here are the rules:

Rule 1:the tracks MUST be 45 seconds!
Rule 2: No samples… everything auxy
Rule 3: If you don’t know what riddim dubstep is… it’s a subgenre of dubstep but instead of kick and dubstep snare you only put Kick + Kick and intense claps.
Rule 4: Deadline is at 10th of September…

The winner will collaborate with me in Auxy or Ableton…

Good luck! :slight_smile:


Sounds fun!

Me. In.

Here you go!


0.45 minutes?

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45 seconds

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oh I just noticed he typed minutes xDDD

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Ok so i guess only one person got their link there lol AND he won. @Sturge get ready for a riddim Collab boi! XD and congratulations that sounds great!

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Alright! And thanks!

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Two months later…

Edit: still no tracks!?


here’s a project i made like 3 months ago or something lol